05 November 2013

Great aerial video from the site of SV8S D-Star repeater in Zakynthos

Well, that's what they call a "bird's eye view", I guess! If you want to enjoy a great aerial view from the top of Skopos mountain in Zakynthos, a place that a lot of nice antennas call "home", use the link http://youtu.be/0Z1mXfpahfg (use "full screen"!). Mike, SV8KOM used his professional, high-tech, hex-rotor remotely controlled helicopter to record this video (and many others!). This is from where Stigma Radio 97.6 and Island FM 88.6  (in English) transmit their programs to the island and beyond! This is also the site of SV8S D-Star repeater (its antenna is located on the shorter mast, on the right of the one yours truly can be seen perched up on with his tools and stuff). It was a superb day to work on antennas! Oh, and I reeeeeally envy those birds!!