10 February 2018


Nikos in December 2017 (photo by SV3DVO)
A dear friend, Nikos SV3IC passed away on February 9th, 2018. I met Nikos for the first time in 1983, when he brought his new Yaesu FT-ONE to Zakynthos for the hams of the island to see it. I was a high school student then. When I moved to Patras to study Biology in 1984, I started working part time with Nikos - he built and maintained commercial radio networks. I learned a lot from him but most of all had the time of my life, laughing my head off with his jokes and pranks, involving everyone around him - myself not excluded, of course! He was very kindhearted and generous, a lively mind with a sharp wit and a mischievous, impish manner.
An expert CW operator, he could operate flawlessly at speeds which made me dizzy. Always defiant of  misfortunes, he never gave up on life - and his favorite pastime, smoking. Confined at home during his last years due to illness, he never lost his wit and to the last day remained active on ham radio talking to friends near and far. 

Thank you and farewell, Nikos.